Love, wine and sparks (of joy).

This sparkling rosé wine does need no long explanations. It is freaking amazing. You have to taste it. We promise that you'll enjoy it.

A refreshing wine created for everyone to enjoy it without complications. Sparkling Rosé has a flavor that pairs perfectly with any meal. Every meeting with friends, family or colleagues becomes a fun moment if there is enough OUI WINE.

Our Packs

  • 1 CAN

    Not for sale online.

  • 4 PACK

    The pack includes 4 different cans.

  • 24 PACK

    The pack includes 24 different cans.

Hello Hola Bonjour Guten Tag こんにちは Nǐn Hǎo Olá Asalaam Alaikum Konnichiwa Përshëndetje